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2105 Panhandle Trail
Navarre, Florida 32566
(850) 936-4081

New Life Deliverance Temple Church Inc

Welcome to New Life Deliverance Temple Church where are Pastors are Bishop Mark A. Williams and Apostle Brenda M. Williams. Together they share the vision of raising spiritual children who have a heart for the things of God, as well as for His people.  They promote holiness, righteousness, and truth from the word of God.  They have a heart for His people, not only within the church, but within the surrounding community as well.  Their ministry reaches outside of Florida and extends abroad where they continue to have affiliations related to their prior military exposure.  They served as pastors while stationed in New Mexico as well as England.  They exemplify and promote God's unconditional love. They are devoted to the service of God, one another, their children, their congregation, and the surrounding community. We are a multicultural, non-denominational church and our motto is, 'Our doors swing on the hinges of love".

Our Bishop is retired from the United States Air Force and the majority of our congregation stems from a military background.  Because of our many military families, we welcome all branches of the Armed Forces and invite you to come out and fellowship with us.

Our vision includes two very important goals.

The first is to tear down the bands of poverty within our surrounding community and the second being breaking the bands of racism within the surrounding community.  Our vision also includes the addition of a new sanctuary, daycare, and secondary school.  The most important part of our vision is seeing people spiritually, emotionally, and financially free.  Deliverance is a major part of the overall vision for our church. Love is the biggest.  The vision continues to increase as God elevates New Life Deliverance Temple Church under the leadership of our pastors.  The principles of the church and pastoral vision are accomplished through the empowerment of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The fulfillment of our vision will enrich the lives of all those we serve.

We are a 'come as you are' church where ALL are welcome.  We are devoted to the service of our members and are especially honored to serve and give back to our military members as they serve our country.

Come out and experience the many services and ministries we have to offer.  We look forward to fellowshipping with you in the near future, and let us say with hearts of gratitude, "We salute our military!"

God Bless